Release Note 3/4/24 - Candidate Card Enhancements!

CRM functionality - Teamable gives you the full context to make the right decision, fast.

Here are some of the ways our new candidate cards are making it easier to get the full scope and context on any given candidate you're looking to engage:

  • Recruit is now called Engage
  • Candidate Status Labels - Understand, at a glance, if a candidate is active or not.
  • Most Recent Job - Quickly determine which job a candidate was last associated with.
  • Candidate Progress - If a candidate was interested in the job, how far did they get in the process?
  • Reactive Action Buttons - New, dynamic action buttons help you make the right call in fewer clicks.
  • Full Candidate Timeline - See your entire history of interactions with a candidate in a single timeline!

Let's look further:

Recruit is now called Engage

Candidate Status

Instead of broad, general buckets of candidates, we now show you a more complete picture of that candidates status at a glance.

Sourced status shows if a profile is processing or needs to be reviewed.
Reached status shows more granularity.
Why was outreach stopped?
More context in fewer clicks!

Most Recent Job & Candidate Progress

The candidate's current status helps us understand and gauge their interest, but in what context?

Now, you'll see the exact context and date of any previous outreach.
You'll also see how far in process the candidate went.

Reactive Action Buttons

Now that we can see detailed context on the candidate immediately; we'll also intelligently show candidate action buttons to reflect the most relevant actions you may want to take.

If the candidate is in an active campaign - you may want to stop outreach or see the history. If there is no outreach history, you'll just want to engage them. Maybe you need to review an applicant or a candidate sourced by a teammate. Teamable will understand and present easy click options that reflect the most probable next action.

Full Candidate Timeline

Most exciting, Teamable will now show you a single timeline of all detected candidate actions, messages back and forth, and give you a singular view to really understand a full candidate history with your team.

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