Release Note 12/5/23 - Candidate Details: Company & Tenure Insights

We are happy to announce that we’ve added additional detail & insight into a candidate’s background as part of our AI sourcing product suite. These details go deeper than the basics of where a candidate worked, when they worked there, etc. Now you have the ability to learn about some key facts/insights about what happened during their tenure at a given company. Not only that, but we are also providing detail about the company itself to allow you to perform any relevant research about a candidate directly from the Teamable app.

Now, when reviewing a candidate’s detailed background, you have the ability to expand/collapse a specific experience in their background to provide more detail around the following:

  • Company facts:
    • Industry(ies)
    • Website
    • Description
    • Last funding round raised

  • Candidate Tenure Insights:
    • Size of company during tenure
    • Joined company when (in lifespan of company)
    • Rounds raised during tenure
    • Growth Rate (+/-) during tenure

These details also ensure that any criteria created within our search experience has a corresponding visual through-line to matched or suggested attributes within a candidate’s background.

Please reach out to us at if you have any questions or feedback!

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