Release Note 11/21/23 - Updates & Enhancements

Candidate AI Summaries

If you have our AI sourcing product enabled, we have added a new candidate summary that will help frame why we have recommended a specific candidate for a job. The summary is relevant for the job, and is presented when opening the candidate detail/sidebar. There are 3 requirements for this to be active:

  1. You need to have the proper products/plan to be enabled
  2. A job description needs to be present for the job (either within the ATS or the job description field within the Teamable app
  3. The selected candidate also needs to have either Employments or Educations

Save for later added to candidate cards & sidebar

We added the Save for Later option to the candidate cards and detailed sidebar to provide easier access to this option while using our AI sourcing products.

New Job Navigation & Hierarchy

We have simplified the organizational hierarchy & navigation within a job. We have combined the "Sourcing" & "Candidates" tabs into a single view of your entire pipeline within Teamable. In this new organizational structure under the "Pipeline" tab, we have categorized your candidates into key segments — from sourcing/prospecting —> candidates that are actively in your hiring pipeline. All the key segment/workflow views remain, and some new highlights include:

  • Everyone — this candidate segment represents all candidates that you have taken action on within Teamable for the specific job record you are in, regardless of their campaign status, or status within your hiring process
  • No email — if we are unable to find an email address for any sourced candidates, we have created a segment and tab that allows from an easy workflow that allows you to reach out to those candidates via LinkedIn InMail
  • Interested + — this is a segment of candidates that tracks all candidates in your pipeline that have been sourced and have expressed mutual interest in the role and are moving forward in your hiring process
  • Configuration — this parent tab contains all the settings for your job that you know and love

Default Landing Page

We have added a new capability within the settings area of the platform that allows you to set your preferred landing page when you log into Teamable. You will now have the ability to land at the following pages by default:

  • Dashboard
  • Jobs List
  • (Candidate) Review

No Email Candidate Segment

As mentioned above, we have created a new segment of candidates within a job to represent any sourced candidates that we were unable to find an email address for.  Teamable does not want you to miss the opportunity to contact and meet any new potential teammates, so within this new tab under "pipeline," we make it extremely easy to take the campaign messaging for the candidate and reach out to them via LinkedIn InMail. The primary action for this tab is as shown below, and the corresponding tooltip helps guide you through the process to establish contact and move forward with the candidate.

Candidates > CRM in Main Navigation

We have renamed the menu item in our main navigation to better represent the context and database of candidates you have in Teamable.

Primary CTA Updates within Jobs

We have made some intuitive updates that more accurately reflect the next most logical call to action based on the context of the candidate tab/segment within the Job experience. Just as shown with the "No Email" tab above, the primary actions are now reflective of where candidates are within their respective journey(s).

Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions or feedback about any of the above, or how to get access any of the products mentioned.

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