Release Note 7/13/23 - New Campaigns List and Inbound Workflow Updates

Improved Campaigns List

We are excited to announce the latest campaigns list improvements:

  1. Better campaign performance overview - You will now be able to easily:
  • See the number of candidates that you reached out to + out of these, how many showed interest along with the percentage (Outbound)
  • See the number of candidates/referrals that applied to the job + out of these, how many moved to the Interview stage (Inbound/Referrals)
  1. Easier campaign management (applicable to teams that use Inbound and/or Referrals) - To make it easier to manage different campaign types, you will see four tabs at the top: All campaigns, Outbound, Inbound and Referrals.

Improved Inbound Applicant Review Workflow (currently applicable to Greenhouse users only)

We have added new functionality to the Inbound experience to make it easier for you and your team to review applicants.

  1. Reviewers section under a Job Setting has been split into an Outbound reviewer and an Inbound reviewer section.

  1. You can now filter on specific Inbound campaigns in the Applicants tab of Review.

    Only Mine: View only applicant campaigns where you are assigned as an Inbound Reviewer

    All Applicants: View all Inbound campaigns

    No Reviewer Assigned: View Inbound campaigns without an explicitly assigned Inbound reviewer

  1. Star Ratings have been added to candidates:

Card view:

Slideout/Detail View:

  1. Key candidate attributes from our AI are now highlighted to encourage feedback to power applicant sorting:

Card Experience:

Slideout/Detail Experience:

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact our Support team at!

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