Release Note 6/29/23 - New Candidate Detail/Slideout + Referrals Questionnaire

Meet your redesigned candidate detail (slideout view)!

We have redesigned the information architecture of our candidate slideout experience. The highlights of the new design are:

  • All candidate names, image/avatar, links, actions, and tags have been consolidated and moved to a left column
  • The slideout has grown! There’s now more “real estate” to review & work within the detail of the candidate’s background/CV or within the history or additional CRM details (notes, etc.)
  • Speaking of history, we have combined both the sourcing/recruiting history for a candidate with any intro request/referral history for a candidate under the same tab within the candidate detail. This consolidation should streamline the context and relationship you’ve across the candidate’s entire lifecycle

Referrals Questionnaire

When your team members submit a referral, they will now have the opportunity to respond to a set of questions about their referral and leave additional comments.

The responses provided will be added to the referral's profile within the Recruiting Portal and your team's Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This means you can easily access these contextual details and gain a deeper understanding of how your team member knows the referral.

If you'd like to enable this feature, please contact!

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