Referrals Leaderboard Report

The Referrals Leaderboard Report is available for Premium users who have Referrals enabled.

Referrals Leaderboard

The Referrals Leaderboard offers a comprehensive view of each team member's referral activity, with the ability to utilize filters to seek out specific details and export the data to CSV.


By selecting "All filters", you can add or remove filters, including:

  • including, or excluding, recruiter accounts
  • teammate
  • department
  • date

Export CSV

You can export the Leaderboard data in CSV format. This will make it easier for you to share referral reports and keep everyone in the loop.

Display Order

You can change the display order to view the Leaderboard by:

  • points
  • favorites
  • referrals
  • intro responses
  • applied
  • offers/hires

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