Release Note 4/28/23 - New features and improvements (Referrals and Inbound)

We're excited to announce new updates to our Referrals and Inbound products:


No ATS required

Our Referrals product can now be used by any team, regardless of their ATS! For teams using Greenhouse or Lever, referrals can now be made to any Teamable job, even if it's not connected to your ATS. Please note that Referral-related settings can be found under job settings.


Best Match feature

The “Best Matches” order will now be automatically updated with any action within the Job! For that reason, the “Update order” button has been removed.

Review Demo Mode in Job Settings

Once “Review mode” is enabled, users can test reviewing candidates or applicants without actually making updates or sending an email to the candidate/applicant.

Download an applicant's resume

Easily access and download an applicant’s resume on the applicant card or slide-out menu. The larger resume button at the bottom of the slideout has been removed.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support team at!

Thank you so much,

Teamable Product Team

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