Integrating The Org with Teamable

You and your teammates can integrate your company's organization charts from The Org when reaching out to candidates using Teamable. By linking your company page with candidates, you can attract talent, allow candidates to see the potential company they are going to work for, and see the coworkers they will be working with.


For more information on getting started with The Org, visit their support site.

Linking Your Org Chart in a Candidate Message Template

Step 1. Go to the Campaign you would like to add your org chart to. You can find it via the search bar at the top of the page or through your Projects page. 

Step 2. Select the Templates tab of the Campaign page.

Step 3. Click anywhere in a message template to edit. Add in a sentence of your choice, where you will insert the link to your org chart. An example sentence is shown below.

Step 4. Obtain the link to your org chart by logging into The Org by selecting your organization's name in the top right corner, and copying the URL from the URL bar.

Step 5. Return to editing your Teamable template message. Highlight the word(s) you would like to have candidates select to open your org chart. With the word(s) highlighted, click the Insert Hyperlink button in the text editor menu at the bottom of the pop-up.

Step 6. Paste the org chart URL from Step 3 into the textbox and select the "OK" button. 

Step 7. Select the "Save" button.

Linking a Profile in a Candidate Message Template

To link a profile in a candidate message template, you will follow the same steps as above with the exception of Step 3 of the previous section.

Step 1. Obtain the link to a profile in your org chart by selecting the name of the person whose profile you want to link.

Step 2. Select the URL in the URL bar on the profile page, and insert that URL as instructed in Steps 4 and 5 of the previous section.

Tips & Tricks for using The Org with Teamable

  • Encourage colleagues to fill in their About Me profiles so candidates can learn more about potential team members
  • Include the interviewer's About Me profile in the interview confirmation email

For more information, check out these articles from The Org:

For more information on getting started with The Org, visit their support site.

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