Confidential, Unlisted or Internal Jobs in the ATS

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Teamable can connect to Greenhouse Jobs where the job status is External and Open. Internal jobs will not be connected.

job posting is not required to connect to Teamable and the job post status can be Live (active) or Offline (inactive). Reach out to your Account Manager if your Team wants to connect to jobs with active job postings only.

Check out Greenhouse support for more information on jobs, job posts, changing a job post's status.


Teamable can connect to Lever Jobs where the job is Listed on an External job site. Internal, unlisted or confidential job requisitions will not be connected. For more information about your job requisition status, visit this Lever article on "Understanding the differences between job posting states". 

We are able to connect to confidential jobs via custom API permissions. From Lever's article How do I create an API key with access to confidential data?, "By default, information associated with confidential postings, opportunities, or requisitions will be excluded from the access granted by the Lever API credential. If you wish for the generated API key to grant access to confidential information in your Lever environment, move the 'Allow access to confidential data' toggle to the on position.

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