Connect a Greenhouse Job and Managing Greenhouse Settings in Teamable Jobs

To manage the Greenhouse API, Stages and default settings, go to the Team Settings. You must be an Admin on your Team's Teamable account.

Editing the Job Requisition your Teamable Job is Linked to

Step 1. Find and select your Teamable Job.

Step 2. Select the "Configuration" tab.

Step 3. Scroll down to the Integrations section.

Step 4. Under the "Greenhouse job" section, select the drop-down menu to add/change your job requisition. 

Please note that any job that has the suffix " - Connected" means the Greenhouse job is already connected to another Teamable Job. You will need to disconnect the job requisition from the other Teamable Job to connect it to your new Teamable Job.

You can disconnect a Greenhouse job from a Teamable Job by hovering over the drop-down arrow icon and selecting the X.

Adding Teamable Candidates as Greenhouse Prospects

Step 1. In the same Teamable Job Configuration, select the drop-down menu under "Candidates as prospects" and choose "Yes".

Converting Teamable Candidates to Greenhouse Candidates on an "Interested" Response

After a Candidate responds positively to your Teamable outreach sequence, Teamable can automatically convert the Candidate to a Greenhouse Candidate.

Step 1. In the same Teamable Job Configuration, select the drop-down menu under "Convert to candidate" and choose "Yes".

Setting the Greenhouse Stage for your Teamable Candidate

When you reach out to a Candidate via Teamable, you can choose a Greenhouse Stage for the first stage.

Step 1. In the same Teamable Job Configuration, select the drop-down menu under "Candidate first stage" and choose the name of the first stage you would like the Candidate to start.

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