Everyone knows warm referrals are the best way to build teams by hiring smarter and more efficiently. 

Teamable makes it easier to search across employees’ connections by automatically pairing potential matches with the open positions at your company. 

We do this without knowing anything about your online activity. The information you supply is used solely to help your recruiting team hire the best people--before they’re hired by the competition!

_I'm not a recruiter. Why should I reach out?
_**Teamable customer Facebook did a study and found if an engineer reaches out to a candidate, they are 4x more likely to get a response and 10x more likely to make the hire. And, on average, 46% of referred employees are still likely to be with the company a year later, versus only 33% who come in via a career site. 

Teamable makes it easy for you to reach out. It takes just a couple of mouse clicks to send a warm intro message to introduce your contact to the job owner or person requesting the intro using text already provided by your recruiting team. Your referral isn't aware that you're using Teamable and everyone appreciates being thought of and contacted, even if they're ultimately happy where they are or otherwise not right for the job.

So why wait? Send some referrals today
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