If you've already connected your networks, and are still having trouble seeing your connections in Teamable, there are a few reasons why that might be the case.

Some of my Linkedin contacts are still missing even though my upload finished.

Teamable can only see public information about your friends - this is dependent on your contacts’ privacy settings and the amount of information that they’ve allowed about themselves on public domains. Sometimes, a contact won’t show up because they’ve restricted their privacy settings on their social networks and public domains.

I can’t see my Facebook connections.

There are a couple reasons why you might not be able to see your Facebook connections. Some companies decide not to use Facebook for sourcing. If you don’t see an option to connect your Facebook contacts during onboarding or under “my networks”, your employer has probably turned off the ability to upload Facebook connections in Teamable.

The other reason you might not be seeing your Facebook connections is because Teamable can’t see your connections unless you make your friends list public](https://intercom.help/teamable/en/articles/3721812-how-to-make-you-facebook-friends-list-public). If you’d like to [upload your facebook connections

I can see all of my contacts, but some information is missing.

Teamable regularly enriches your connections’ data with information from public domains. We only use publicly available information and information that you upload about your contacts. 

I see this information in Linkedin - doesn’t that mean it’s publicly available?

Not necessarily. Your connections set their own privacy settings in Linkedin, and Linkedin also has some rules about how much information people can see based on how closely connected two people are. 

Some information is wrong or missing.

No worries If there’s information about a candidate that’s incorrect, please fill out a [bad data report

Quick reminder: Teamable will never message any of your contacts
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