What is Whitelisting

Whitelisting is when you manage your DNS settings to allow for emails from another source to appear that they are coming from your own email server.

Why Whitelist your Teamable Domain

Adding Teamable to your domain's email whitelist will allow introductions sent from Teamable to appear as if they were sent directly from employee email accounts instead of "via Teamable," making the intros appear more natural.  This also allows for the emails to get through a possible SPAM filter and have your messages get through to your team members.

How to Setup Your Whitelisting

Enter your corporate email domain (e.g. company.com or company-hq.com) on the Teamable Whitelisting Page.

Log into your Teamable Account (You need to be an Admin on the account to access the Whitelisting page in the Admin Panel).
Click on Admin Panel on the top Right.
Click Whitelist.

Access your email hosting service or file a ticket with your IT department with the information for steps 3 and 4.

Copy the CNAME and both TXT fields and their values into their respective fields at your email hosting provider.

Add MX records.

After the settings are updated at your email hosting provider, click on “CHECK NOW” button. The state will change to “verified” if the settings are updated correctly.

What do these fields mean?

The CNAME record is necessary for tracking opens, clicks, and unsubscribes.

TXT records are required to send and receive an email with Teamable.

MX records are recommended for all domains, even if you are only sending
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