Now that you’ve made referrals for your company, you would like to keep track of each candidate's progress. Teamable makes it easy for you to follow your candidate step-by-step through the process.

Click on Refer>Track to see the status of all of your referrals.

Note: For each status, you can see the total number. And below each, you can see the prospective candidates in that stage. A quick description of each stage follows.

Referral Submitted. This stage covers any CVs you've uploaded or suggested candidates for whom you've clicked the '**Refer**' button.
Intro Made. This stage covers any referral requests you were asked to make by recruiters, sourcers, or hiring managers.
Interview Status. This stage will show you any of your referral candidates that are actively in any of the interview stages with your company (e.g. Phone Screen, HackerRankX Test, In-Person Interview, Offer).
Decision. This stage will show you the status of any of your referral candidates (e.g. Hired, Rejected Offer, Rejected, Job was archived).
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