What is the difference between a prospect and a candidate?

From the Teamable perspective:

A prospect is a person sourced for a job (not yet contacted, but might be asked for an introduction or a referral can be made which is not approved). Not yet pushed to ATS.
A candidate is a person who is messaged. Once the message is sent out or a resume is uploaded (after approval) the prospect becomes a candidate and is pushed to ATS.

From the Greenhouse perspective:

A prospect is someone who has been identified and messaged for a job but hasn't yet indicated an interest.
A candidate has signaled active interest by giving his/her resume to someone at the company in order to be introduced to the hiring team.

When does a prospect get pushed into Greenhouse?

Person is directly messaged - Moved to ‘**Intro Made**’ stage.
Recruiter asked for an introduction and then messaged - Moved to ‘**Intro Made**’ stage.
Person is referred by employee and approved by recruiter - Moved to ‘**Intro Made**’ stage.
A resume is uploaded and approved by Recruiter - Moved to ‘**Intro Made**’ stage.
Person is manually moved to a bucket, Moved to ‘**Intro Made**’ or ‘**Interview Status**’ stage.

The main indicator in Teamable that person is pushed to ATS is that the person is in the ‘**Intro Made**’ stage, which means that the person has been messaged.

Can a person end up as a candidate in  Greenhouse (as defined by Greenhouse)?

Only in cases where an employee uploads a person's resume to Teamable.

What is the source in Greenhouse from Teamable?**

We push only one source type to GH which looks like this:  '**Referred on Teamable (Refferer_name)**'.

Do you have a complete list of Teamable tags that are pushed to Greenhouse and under which conditions?

Below is the complete list of pushed tags and explanations:

'*Recruiter sourced (Teamable)**' - messaged after making an intro request to employee i.e. a recruiter initiated referral
'*Employee suggested (Teamable)**' - Employee initiated, employee reffered the candidate for the job.
*CV Upload (Teamable)**’ - Candidate created as a result of resume upload
'*Manually pushed (Teamable)**' - the person is manually moved to an Intro made/Interview status.
'Messaged (Teamable)' - Recruiter directly contacts prospect. The referrer field will have the recruiter who messaged person.

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