The Resume Upload feature allows any employee to refer a friend or former colleague directly for any open position at your company. These prospects should be reviewed first as they're actively interested and the easiest to close.

To submit a referral, the employee simply provides the following information for their referral candidate:

Prospect's full name.
Prospect's email.
Prospect's phone number.
Job the prospect is being referred for.
Additional optional questions about the prospect (How do you know the prospect? How strong do you feel about the prospect's chances? Have you worked directly with the prospect in the past?).
Any additional notes.

Reviewing the Prospect
As a recruiter, you will receive an email notifying you of a new referral. From there you can either directly email the candidate, review their resume, or message the employee.

Since this is a direct referral, the prospect is automatically sent over to your ATS as an active candidate for the job they were submitted for. From there, you can evaluate the prospect and move through your candidate pipeline.
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