Teamable supercharges warm referrals at your company by making it easy for any employee to introduce more qualified candidates.

Teamable makes it easy for your company to create a personalized employee network of incredibly talented people you know and would love to work with.

We match the people you know with the open jobs at your list of companies.

Uniquely this system protects that network by making all communication go through the employee's approval. No more worrying about recruiters reaching out to your network without your knowledge.

Make sure everyone understands that! It's a warm referral engine--so when you find people in someone's network that looks like a potentially good fit, you're going to request a warm introduction from the employee who has that relationship. For each request, the employee has the option of making the referral or not. 

There are three phases when it comes to referrals:

The initial idea - who is top of mind when asked to think of someone you know who may be available or interested at a job opening at the company.
Introduction - finding the right person at your company to introduce the person you know in order to get the ball rolling.
The interview process - this varies from company to company. It can include many layers, including phone screens, onsites, HackerRank tests, etc. culminating in an offer and, hopefully, a hire.

How does Teamable help?
Most people are connected to thousands of people across a variety of disparate networks, but it's difficult to keep everyone top of mind. Teamable automatically matches people you know from the networks you've chosen to share with open jobs at the company.

Teamable makes it easy for you to make the warm intro and put your contact in touch with the right person at your company.

Teamable allows recruiters and hiring managers to create templates so that it's really as simple as just a couple of clicks for you to make a warm referral.

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