Teamable only uses publicly available information to enrich our database. Improvements in privacy laws and increased personal control over data means that sometimes Teamable will be missing the email address of a candidate.

If you have already requested further enrichment of a candidate's card (via the find email workflow or the bad data reporting feature) and the email address is still missing, there are a couple different ways you can continue your sourcing workflow in Teamable. 

If an employee requested enrichment, and a prospect's email is still missing

_Prospect is in the Intro Made bucket
First, you'll see a notification that the prospect's email was not found. This will appear on the prospect's job card.

If you know or have found the prospect's email address, go to "Messages" -> "Compose Message." Insert the email of the candidate and send the message.

(We recommend reaching out to the prospect's referrer if possible).

Prospect is in the Action Required bucket

You'll see the same notification that the prospect's email was not found (above).

If you know or have found the email address for the candidate, then you can still message the candidate by clicking on "send message" and entering the email of the candidate. 

What to do if you have no way of finding the prospect's email

If you do not know and have not found the prospect's email address, try to connect the candidate via other social networks, using similar messaging to the intro templates. 

We recommend using a subject line that mentions the referrer to increase the chances that your message will be opened:

Option 1: You've been recommended by {{ employee_first_name }} {{ employee_last_name }} for a {{ role_name }} career at {{ company_name }}

Option 2: Reaching out to you on behalf of {{ employee_first_name }} for an opportunity at {{ company_name }}

Prospect vs. candidate - what's the difference?

A prospect is a referral in the job's pipeline who has not been contacted via Teamable by an employee or a recruiter.

A prospect becomes a candidate once they've been contacted via Teamable for an open opportunity.
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