Most of your existing templates will migrate to the new Teamable, except in these cases:

'*Message from Recruiter to Employee**' - template no longer available since this workflow currently does not exist in new product.
There are no '*No List**' and no '**No URL**' templates - simplified and roll up under master template.
Invite templates (_'_*Invite as Recruiter**_'_ and '**Invite as Employee**') don’t currently exist.

Some snippet tags have also been removed.

Sender first name (replaced by Sender Signature)
Sender last name (replaced by Sender Signature)

To view and add to templates, click the gear next to your image in the top right corner, choose Settings>Templates.

Figure One: New Templates in Teamable.

Click '**Add Template**' next to any template type to add a new template of that type.
Click '**View**' to view existing content for any of the listed templates.
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