For busy employees and hiring managers with great networks, it can be worthwhile to have sourcing meetings where they can fire off 10 - 20 messages in 30 minutes to the best talent in their networks for your most critical roles. Here is a guide to making these sessions super efficient.

Quick note: Remember it can take up to 24 hours for an employees' network to be fully enriched, so be sure to invite your participants to sign up and share their networks at least 24 hours before the sourcing jam. Simply send them the url to your unique site with a short explanation and they should be good to go.

In the meeting, there are several ways to efficiently go through an employees network:

Have your participants click on Refer>Open Jobs> and choose a job they are likely to have a good network for.

From here, the participant can click '**Refer**' to make the warm referral or '**Mark as Top Talent**' to let the recruiting team know the person is among the top 10% of people they've worked with in the past and should be considered either for the existing role or any other that opens up where his or her skills may match.

When the participant clicks '**Refer**', a message with suggested text will appear below the candidate card. This will either be the default text provided by Teamable or customized text created by the recruiting team. In either case, the participant will have the option of editing the messaging by adding any customization they wish to the subject or body and/or changing the To and CC/BCC fields before clicking '**Submit Referral**'.

The referral will be sent as an email from the particpant's corporate email address to the candidate with the job owner cc'd by default.

It typically takes 5-10 minutes for the email to send in order for Teamable to optimize batch processing and improve deliverability.

Now request your participants to do the same thing 10 - 20 more times with the understanding that if they message their contacts that their contacts are more than 10x likely to join your company over time than if a recruiter first messaged them. Also it's flattering and a good way to keep in touch with their network.

Note: if someone really prefers not to message their contacts, they can still be helpful by clicking on '**Mark as Top Talent**' any contacts they believe are top talent and leaving a note for the recruiting team about them. This helps focus recruiting time and attention and ensure the continued success and growth of your company. See more on Top Talent here

P.S. Recruiters: Don't forget to approve referrals and follow up

Happy hiring!
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