Q: What happens when you see multiple teammates are connected to a candidate and you request intros from everyone?

Figure One: Example of multiple "connectors": various people at the company who are connected to a prospective candidate.

Notes: By default, everyone is selected. You can click '**Clear'** to remove selections and hand pick below. Once you're ready to send, click '**Send Request**'.

A: The request for introduction will go out to everyone you've chosen within your company. After the first person has responded, however, the others will receive the following message:

Figure Two: Alert message when a connector tries to contact someone who has already been contacted by someone else within the company.

By default, teammates will typically abstain from sending any additional messages to a referral candidate already in process. Occasionally, the teammate may wish to reach out anyway, particularly if they have a close relationship or think the candidate might be better suited for a different position; in which case, he or she would simple click on 'proceed' to see the suggested message to modify and send.

Note: Only the first person who responds would be eligible for the referral bonus, in cases where one is offered. Teamable tracks this via time-stamps in the notes and messages fields on each candidate card.

Figure Three: Example of notes on a candidate card.

We group requests so your employees won't see a bunch of emails in a row. We send approximately every five minutes, so if you make multiple requests of the same employee(s) during that period, your employee will receive one email and the subject line will reference the last person requested and suggest there are others to review as well.
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