If you're a hiring manager, you may be asked to review prospects for a job you own that were discovered in Teamable. Here's how.

Teamable makes it easy for a recruiter to send sourced candidates for review

As the hiring manager, it's also easy for you to review and initiate requests for any prospective candidates your recruiting team has identified.

Open the tracking tab for any job to review any prospects that have been added to a job list (your recruiting partner may send you a direct link to any job).

From here, you can click on the prospect on the left to see more detailed information on the right. If you click on 'Info' you'll see the prospect's work and education history and skills. All of the social links that Teamable has discovered are also available if you wish to see further details.

You can also see who at the company knows the prospect and how they're connected.

Figure One: A detailed candidate profile from the sourced stage in tracking.

Available Actions

Click '**Send Request**' for any prospects for whom you'd like to get a warm introduction.

Click '**Remove**' for any prospects added to the list that you don't think are viable.

Click ' Snooze' to set a reminder to reach out to the prospect at another time.

Note: we suggest erring on the side of having conversations, since you're using double-vetting, allowing your employee to also give you feedback on anyone your recruiting team has identified, and most of the prospects you'll find--as with most great matches--are already employed.
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