Teamable reporting is available upon request to help you track and manage your funnel and any prospects that have moved to your ATS.

Note: Teamable funnel and applications reports are now available for your account as requested or on whatever cadence you establish please contact Support.

Funnel Report

The funnel report makes it easier to see all of the valuable information from the funnel view in Teamable in spreadsheet form.

Figure One: Sample Funnel (available in Teamable from the Recruiter view by clicking the red arrow and choosing funnel).

There are four different tabs in the funnel report. Having the data in a spreadsheet makes it easier to slice and dice as needed by introducing your own spreadsheet formulas or entering the raw data into your existing reporting corpus in order to track and measure results over time.

Examples of items you can discover, measure and track with the funnel report:

Who has been marked as top talent (the top talent tab)
Where everyone is on the leaderboard (the leaderboard tab)
Which candidates have been identified, who referred and for what position (the candidates tab)
Who asked for a referral and for what position, when, and the status of the request (referral requested tab)

Application Report

The application report will show all of the candidates who have moved over to your application tracking system from Teamable and the latest status.

Note: In cases where you have not yet integrated an ATS with Teamable, there will be no application report.

There are three separate tabs in the application report. And there are two different application reports available, a rolling seven-day view of activity and an all-time view of activity. Be sure to specify which view you'd like to see when requesting the report from your customer success manager.

Candidates can make it to your ATS from Teamable in one of four ways:

Whenever an employee clicks the refer button on a suggested candidate and the email goes out
Whenever a recruiter/sourcer/hiring manager sends a request for an intro and the employee clicks refer and email goes out (both 1 and 2 are covered in the email_sent tab)
Whenever a recruiter/sourcer/hiring manager sends a request for an intro and an employee pushes back to recruiter to contact (ends up in hr_to_contact tab)
Whenever an employee uploads a resume for a position (these end up in the applications tab)
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