Admins can get pipeline reporting from the “Analytics” section of the Admin Panel. These reports show key activities such as number of referrals via Teamable, number of hires and offers that we were able to automatically capture, number of employees who have signed up and have connected their networks, and Top Talent marked.  Currently, there are three dashboards: “Users”; “Referrals” and “Talent”.

Please note that the reporting covers only the last 3 months.  We are working on expanding the date range.

Let's take a look at our Analytics page to help you find your way around.

To get started with reports, click the Analytics tab in the Admin Panel.

There are three dashboards: Users, Referrals, and Talent.  All can be filtered by date range and department.  You can hover over any chart for detailed numbers.

Users Dashboard

The Users dashboard will provide data for employees, recruiters, and admins, how many have connected to which network, number of users joined by month, and how many searches each recruiter made by date per job.

Referrals Dashboard

The Referrals dashboard will provide data by source ( recruiter-initiated, employee messaged, and resume upload)and departments.  You can also view a comprehensive list of prospects and where they are in the pipeline.

Talent Dashboard

The Talent dashboard will tell you how many prospects are in Teamable, how many Top Talents were marked by month, as well as a detailed list of the Top Talent prospects.

For any technical questions, please email" class="csh-markdown csh-markdown-image">](<a href=

For any technical questions, please email"/>
.  If you have any feedback that you'd like to share about the reporting tool or about Teamable in general, please feel free to email us at [
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