When you need to promote an employee to the Recruiter View you need to have admin access.  You will know if you have Admin access if you see a "Admin Panel" icon on the top right of your Teamable Account Page.  If you don't see this please send an email to support@teamable.com

To promote employee to Recruiter view:
1  - Click Admin Panel
2 - Find User (by Search by name or scrolling)
3 - Click drop down Arrow
4 - Click "Make Recruiter"

5 - Have employee log out and back in.  Once they log back in they should see a "RECRUITER" Tab on the top tool bar

If you want to promote many employees to a recruiter access you can use the bulk action option.  Click the check box next to the employees you want to promote and at the top choose "Bulk Action"  and then "Make Recruiter"

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