It's easy to get everyone at your company onboarded with Teamable.

Prior to launch, be sure to check out our pre-rollout checklist.

What's the best way to launch?
Depending on the culture of the company, we recommend the following as best practices.

Provide an introduction to Teamable at your company all-hands. Teamable has created a short online deck](, which can be customized, with a link to an employee FAQ

Include instructions and a link to the company’s Teamable website, with information on what Teamable is and why the company relies on it for referral based hiring.  For a quick overview of How Teamable Works, click here

Have the c-suite send out an email to have everyone sign up and connect. Suggested text provided by Customer Success and customized for your company. Since Teamable uses SSO, it's easy for everyone at the company to create an account.

Consider holding an onboarding raffle
or hosting [sourcing sessions

What specifically to ask from our employees?
You want to make sure that you’re leveraging employee’s connections in order to grow your company’s referral network to continue to make great referral hires as you scale. You should feel comfortable asking for any or all of the following, and most employees are eager to contribute and deliver early return on your investment (as well as earn referral bonuses, if they're offered at your company):

Sign up for an account on Teamable.
Connect at least one network to Teamable.
After data enrichment, which typically takes 6-24 hours, make at least twenty referrals for the company’s open positions.
Take an hour to find top talent
Help identify diversity hires if your company has any diversity initiatives in place.

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