Most companies have some kind of onboarding program for new hires. These are opportunities not only for the new employee to fill out paperwork and provide two forms of identification, but, more importantly, a chance for the company to make sure the employee understands the company’s history and culture, gets some face time with senior leadership for goal and mission alignment, and has access to all of the tools and resources necessary to more quickly become a productive member of the team.

Introducing new hires to Teamable should be a part of every company’s onboarding program.

Depending on the size and culture of the company, this can be done in a number of ways, including:

Including instructions and a link to the company’s Teamable website, with information on what Teamable is and why the company relies on it for referral based hiring. Teamable has provided a short online deck](, with a link to an [employee FAQ

Having the head of HR, the employee’s HR business partner, or someone in HR responsible for the referral program or onboarding new employees cover in person.

If your employees are assigned mentors, having the mentor cover with the new employee.

Typically Teamable can be introduced most effectively before the end of the second week of employment. Employees hired through referrals are more likely to refer their friends and they do it more actively during the first days of employment. That's why onboarding with Teamable is most effective while the new employee is still getting up-to-speed on their new job duties.

What specifically to ask from a new employee?
You want to make sure that you’re leveraging your new employee’s connections in order to grow your company’s referral network. You should feel comfortable asking for any or all of the following, and new employees are eager to contribute and deliver early return on your investment:

Sign up for an account on Teamable.
Connect at least one network to Teamable.
After data enrichment, make at least twenty referrals for the company’s open positions.
Mark top talent in your network.
Help identify diversity hires if your company has any diversity initiatives in place.

Bonus: doing any of these activities may make you eligible for a referral bonus if they’re offered at your company.

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