Below you can find step by step instructions on how to enable and disable webhooks from Lever

Requirement: The person who will enable and disable webhooks from Lever must have "Super Admin" role. 

All webhooks provided by Lever are supported in Teamable.


Log in to your Lever account.
Go to the settings page.

Click on the "Integrations" link.

Go to "Webhooks" tab.

Generate token (if not done already).

Copy the Signature Token.

Note: The "token" can be regenerated.
Log in to your Teamable site.
Click on the Admin Panel.

Choose Webhooks under ATS.

Paste Signature token generated from Lever. Click Save.

Copy the URL in Step 2. below to add the webhook in Lever.

Go back to Lever and click on "Add webhook" button.

Fill the URL from Teamable ( and click Verify Connection. Note: URL must be filled without "https://" as it is already there.

 If everything is fine, the "Verify connection" button will become "Verified". 

Otherwise "Failed, try again". 

 For example, in the above case, the URL was typed incorrectly. ("co" instead of "com")

After successful verification click the "Enable" button.

It will become green. 

Do the same steps with all other webhooks.


Follow the steps 1-4 from the Enable section.
Click on "Disable" button.

You will get this.

Do the same with other webhooks.
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