Teamable is your one stop shop for referrals!

Part I: Intro
Get started by sharing networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The information you share makes it easier for your recruiters to ask for a warm introduction whenever they identify great matches.

We match your company’s open jobs with people you know based on their skills, work, and education history. Keep in mind it can take up to 24  hours after you’ve connected your networks before everyone you know is being displayed.

When you make a referral, your recruiting team will already provide some suggested text so it’s just a couple of clicks for you to reach out to anyone who might be interested--and you’ll still get the referral credit if your recommended candidate is hired.

Let’s get started! 

Part II: General Navigation
Open your company’s Teamable page. It’s usually the name of your company dot teamable dot com.

Once you’ve signed up and connected your networks, click Refer to get going. The default page will be your pending intros. These are requests your recruiting team have already made for people you may know. Take a minute to let your hiring team know if they’re a good fit or not, or if you don’t know them, or would prefer for the recruiting team to contact.

To see what jobs are open at your company and who might be a good fit from your network click "Jobs." For any job your recruiting team has marked as hot, you’ll see a fire icon and people you may know directly from the job page. Click on the job to review your suggested matches.

From here, you have the option of searching for the name of a former co-worker or classmate. You can also upload a resume directly. Or you can click Refer to make the referral.

When you click Refer, the suggested text appears. You can modify the subject line or body if you wish but it isn’t required. By default the job owner or owners will be cc’d on your introduction. Click ‘Submit Referral’ to send the message. Depending on how your company has configured the job, the email will either go out right away to your referral or it may be queued for review by the recruiter who owns the job. 

Part III: Conclusion and a Call to Action
It’s really that simple to make referrals using Teamable. Now that you’ve watched the video, make sure your networks are connected and send an intro message to at least three of your connections.

Now that you've watched the video, download our self-start guide.
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