Teamable is your one stop shop for referrals!

Part 1: Intro
Think of Teamable as a curated list of first degree connections from your existing employees who opt in, sharing their first degree connections in networks like Facebook, Twitter, GitHub and LinkedIn. 

We match the jobs in your applicant tracking system with the data we’re able to find about these connections online. We show the connections your employees know who may not have been ‘top of mind’ for the roles you’re working on.

There are three ways to refer in Teamable:

Recruiter Sourced Warm Intros
Employee Self Serve Warm Intros
And Employee Direct Resume uploads

We'll go through the 1st way during this session and how you can easily track all three.

Let’s get started! 

Part II: General Navigation and Sourcing
Open your company’s Teamable page. It’s usually the name of your company dot teamable dot com.

You will see the word “Recruiter” if you have recruiter permissions. If you don’t, please contact your company’s account administrator or Teamable customer success to have your account upgraded at no charge.

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll see is a list of all of the open jobs at your company. These come in automatically from your applicant tracking system. You can search for a specific job or location or filter by jobs for which you’re the owner.

When you’ve found the job you’d like to source for, just click on the job title to get started.

 Teamable makes it easy to request intros and quick for your employees to respond with just a couple of mouse clicks. 

From the job search page you’ll have the option of clicking on ‘Intro’ to request a warm intro from anyone at the company who is connected to the match, or ‘Source’ if you’d like to add a bunch of matches to the job list and consider each prospect in greater detail.

For each candidate card, you can click on Info to get more detailed resume-like data including work and education history as well as skills. Below, you’ll also see the available social links Teamable has found and the employees at the company who can introduce you to the prospect.

If the Messages or Lists tabs have a number next to them, that likely means the prospect has already been contacted or added to a previous list. You can click on either to read further details.

Part III: Requesting an Intro
Let’s send out a request for an introduction! Click on Intro and at the bottom of the candidate card, you’ll see everyone who can introduce you to the prospect. For each connected employee, you’ll see how they’re connected (from which social network) as well as that employee’s ranking on your company’s leaderboard--an indication of their responsiveness when it comes to making warm referrals. By default, everyone will be selected. You can click the ‘Send Requests’ button to send an individual request to each person, or you can click ‘Clear’ and choose the employees you’d like to ask. We recommend asking everyone as Teamable will let others at the company know if someone has already made the introduction when they click to respond.

That’s it! You’ve made your first request for a warm introduction. 

Part IV: Tracking
Warm intros are the smartest way to approach a passive candidate. When an email comes from someone they know recommending a company they’re interested in, and arrives directly in their personal email, the prospect is much more likely to pay attention. In fact, we typically see open rates above 70% for prospects messaged in Teamable. 

You can track the results of requests for introductions directly from the tracking tab for this job and work the prospects through the rest of the pipeline until a decision is made.

Sourcing works similarly but the email is not sent right away. This is a faster way to work if you’re a sourcer or just want to tee up a bunch of potential candidates to review with a hiring manager. Simply click ‘Source’ on anyone you’d like to add to the job list. Once you’re ready to review them, click on Tracking and you’ll see all of the sourced prospects appear under the Sourced stage. From here, you can get more detail on each by clicking on info. You can change jobs, you can snooze the prospective candidate, or you can click ‘Send Request’ to ask any or all of the connected employees at your company for a warm introduction.

Part V: Conclusion
It’s really that simple to source warm intros with Teamable. Now that you’ve watched the video, why not send out ten intro requests for the top job you’re working on?

Now that you've watched the video, download our getting started guide.

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