Hook your friends up with their next dream jobs.  Connect your Facebook to your Teamable account, and we'll identify who in your network would be a great fit for your company (and your lunch table.)

By uploading your Facebook friends, your hiring team will have the names of your friends- that's it.  They will never post on your behalf, contact your friends, or see any of your information without your permission.  You can disconnect Facebook from your Teamable at anytime.

It's quick and easy!

From Teamable,  click on account settings, then networks settings. Scroll down until you see Connect to Facebook, and click connect.

Click Go to Facebook and sign into your account. You will be directed to "Your Facebook Information"

Pick "Download Your Information" -> select only "Friends" -> choose "HTML" format and click on "Create File" button. You will be notified when your file is ready.

From your Notifications’ tab, click on “Your Facebook data is ready for download” and Download “Friends” file.
Got the Zip file? Then you are all set to continue. Go back to your “Teamable account,” and in the “Connect to Facebook” section, drag and drop your file into the green box, or click to upload.

You’ll see a notification that your Facebook is connected.
Processing your Facebook connections can take a while, so we’ll send you an email when it’s done. In the meantime, you’ll see this green notification on your Networks page.

Please note that we are only processing only publicly available data of your Friends, so some of your connections might not be in Teamable.

 And that’s it. Your Facebook connections are on their way. Connect more networks and start referring with Teamable to help your company’s team grow!

Currently in beta.
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