There's nothing worse than submitting a resume for someone in your network who is a great talent and teammate, and neither you nor them ever hear back again. Or they get hired and the first you hear of it is when you run into them at lunch. No reward or recognition. Here's how to quickly submit a candidate and optimize the chances that they'll land in the right job, and you'll get the credit.

Go to Refer>Resume Upload
Add name, email, phone number and choose job. Enter the info on your prospect and refer them for a specific job. Picking a job they are likely to be qualified for and interested in is best, but even if you don't get it perfect, it helps to get your referral in front of the right people who always have the option of moving your prospect to a different job.

Figure One: the Resume Upload screen in Teamable.

Provide optional info on how you know the prospect. Write a note to the team that will be considering the candidate.

Upload resume. Attach the candidate's resume and submit.

Tip:  if you don't have a resume, make one in pdf or word format out of a screenshot of their LinkedIn or other social profiles; however, candidates with resumes get hired more often than those without!

That's it.  Happy team building.  How to track your referrals
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