Q: My prospective candidates in Teamable have been introduced to me by employees and I see they've moved into Lever, our ATS, but now I'm not sure what to do with them from here. Help!

A: If you have a lot of candidates, it can be overwhelming to continue to manage outreach to each one by one, until you get a response. Lever has recently introduced a module called Lever Nurture which makes it really easy to set up a messaging campaign to reach out to your leads on an iterative basis. You determine the cadence and the messaging. You can also have the emails come from a more influential person at the company, for example your CEO or VP of Sales, if that is helpful.

If you have Lever Nurture, you can manage your templates by going to Settings>Nurture Templates in Lever.

From there, you can add new templates (either under 'My templates' or 'Team templates').
Choose the start date.
Choose the sender.
Write the message and include any attachments. Note: best practice is to reference the employee who made the warm introduction for you via Teamable.
Determine the date the campaign should begin, either immediately, or on a specific day of the week. The custom option also randomizes the times the messages are sent in order to make them appear more natural.
Scroll down and add another touchpoint.
Include as many or as few touch points as you'd like. If a candidate responds, they will fall out of the campaign.Otherwise, you can choose how long to wait after the last touchpoint is sent and even snooze the candidate for a period before attempting to reach out again.
Then from the Leads page, select the leads you would like to enter into your Nurture campaign.

Figure One: A Lever Nurture Template

Next, select the leads you would like to enroll in your campaign or select all to enroll everyone.

Then click on the 'Start Nurture' button to begin your campaign and choose your campaign templates.

Figure Two: Starting your campaign

That's it! You've created your first Nurture Campaign.

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