Any employee in your Teamable network can proactively identify top talent by clicking '**Mark Top Talent**' next to a connection.

Many companies specifically ask engineering team members (or for other hard-to-source roles) to proactively go through their network and mark top talent to make it easier for the recruiting team to request introductions.

Every employee in your Teamable network typically knows 5-50 people who may not be top of mind but who would be great additions to your company. These connections are spread over multiple networks, but viewable under a single pane in Teamable.

What is Top Talent?
Top Talent is exactly what is sounds like: a professional connection that your employee has worked with previously who is highly respected and has specialized knowledge which would be beneficial to your company.

Every company has the option of establishing their own litmus test and communicating to their employees how exactly to determine whether someone in their network meets this bar for entry.

Typically, it's the top 10% of people your employees have worked with in the past.

Using Top Talent
Top talent will automatically bubble up to the top of any recruiter search whenever an individual's skills match the search terms.

A recruiter can also search only top talent by checking the optional box 'Top talent only' under Advanced Filters at the bottom left of the search bar for any open job.

To reach out to anyone identified as Top Talent, follow these steps:

Click 'Source' or 'Intro'.
Send Requests.

Note: Sourced candidates will appear in the first stage under tracking so you can more easily separate finding candidates from sending requests if these functions are owned by different team members at your company.

That's it! Rinse, wash, repeat.

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