Initial candidate matches in Teamable come from the search strings that recruiters enter into their jobs in the job settings. Let's take a quick look on how to optimize them.

Click on a Job. Then choose Settings>Search Terms.
Choose '**Boolean Search Terms**'.
Build out your search using quotes around nested terms, parenthesis around clauses, and ANDs, ORs, or NOTs as needed.
Example of a boolean search string for a Market Development Representative:

("Market Development Representative" or MDR or "Sales Development Representative" or "Sales Development" or "Market Development" or BDR) and not(vp or principal or recruiter or mechanical or manager or director or cofounder or hr or chief or founder or recruiter or engineer or ceo)

That's it! Iterate on your search until you see the best results.

Note: If you make the search overly restrictive, many employees may not see any results. If you make the search too simple, some employees may complain of false positives or irrelevant candidates being shown.
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