The Teamable application at PingOne has only SAML SSO implementation. So there are a few steps to configure it.

Go to Applications>Application Catalog, search "Teamable" in the catalog and click on it to start configuration.

Click on "Setup".

Click on "Continue to Next Step".

Replace ${companyname} in ACS URL and Entity ID to the company name in the Teamable subdomain. If your Teamable URL is,

Fill in mappings as follows. Then click on "Continue to Next Step".

Then click on "Save & Publish".

At 5th step - "Review Setup", download SAML Metadata and sent to Teamable support(configuration from admin panel for PingOne will be enabled soon). Then click on "Finish". When support of the Teamable enables SSO you can assign users to sign on Teamable.


After configuration of SSO to sign on Teamable, the application must be assigned to a user. Only after that user can sign on Teamable.

All users must have at least First Name, Last Name and Email fields(email field must be filled by emails only, not numbers or IDs).

At PingOne to assign a user to the application you must assign a user to the Group then assign applications to that Group. For that, there are a few steps to assign applications to users.

Go to Users>User Directory>Groups and click to "Add Group" or if the group already exists then click on "Edit" to a group where you want to make changes then continue from 3rd step.

Give a name to the group, check role, for example User Manager role and click on "Save".

Go to Users>User Directory>Users and click on "Edit" to add the user to the group.

In Group Membership settings click on "Add"  to add the user to the group.

Fing group that you want to add, check it then click on "Add".

Check group in membership list and then save user changes.

Go to Users>User Groups, find the group to assign to the Teamable application.

And add the Teamable application to this group.

Then you can go to dashboard and click on Your PingOne dock URL to go Desktop PingOne and to login Teamable.

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