Searching your network can be a quick and easy way to make referrals]( and [mark top talent

To get started, click on Refer>Your Network.

Figure One: Your Network results.

Here you will see your entire network. The total number of results will be displayed at top.

Note: If you've just connected your networks, please allow 6-24 hours for data enrichment to be completed.

For each connection, you can click Refer and choose a job, in order to send a message.

Figure Two: clicking on Refer button allows you to choose a job and send a message.

Whenever a job is chosen from the list, Teamable will automatically change the cc and bcc fields to reflect the job settings established by the job owner for that job.

You will not be able to refer your connection for the following jobs:

Jobs for which your connection has already been referred by you or someone else.
Jobs for which your connection is already in the hiring funnel (e.g. Intro Made or Interview Status).
Jobs for which your connection was hidden by employee or recruiter.

You can also search for specific titles or skills, do a boolean search, or do a name search to find a specific connection.

Figure Three: The search options available from Your Network tab.

There may also be some advanced search options available, though these are configured by your recruiting team so may not exactly match what is pictured below.

Figure Four: Advanced search options.

Note: If one of your connections has been snoozed by your recruiting team, that means they may already be in contact with that candidate or a decision has already been made about that connection's viability for roles at the company. You will see a message for that candidate saying "This talent is snoozed by recruiter until Date

Figure Five: A snoozed candidate appears when doing a name search from Your Network.
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