Teamable keeps track of the top companies where your employees' extended network connections currently work.

To see the top companies list unique to your company:

Click on any open job.
From the search filters on the left, go to the Company Filter section.
Choose Top Companies.
The resulting companies will appear in the list below.

Fine Tuning
You can expand the list from the default of the top ten companies to show 20, 50, or 100 companies.

You can remove any of the companies that are returned by clicking the x next to the company name. For example: say you have a non-poaching agreement with a sister company which appears.

Other Options
You can also choose to include or exclude specific companies from your search results instead.

Click include/exclude companies radio button.
Enter the companies you would like to include or exclude by typing the name of each in the appropriate line and hitting return after each entry.
Teamable will create context cues for each company--green for those included and red for those excluded.

The search results will update in real time as you make your selections.
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