Resume candidates are different than other warm referrals. Your employee has uploaded their resume and they enter your ATS as an applicant.

Go to Recruiter>{Job Name}>Tracking>Action Required to see any referrals, including resume candidates, that you need to take action on.

For every Resume Candidate, you can see easily who made the referral and when.

You can snooze the candidate if you wish to take later action.
You can view the candidate's resume.
You can move the candidate to a different job or jobs.
You can approve or reject the candidate.

Suggested best practice is to review all of 'Action Required' stages for each position you own at least once a week to take action and disposition all of your resume candidates. Resume candidates are the lowest lying fruit, so quickly making a call on them will make sure that employees continue to make referrals and that you can close any prospects more quickly before they take a competing offer.
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