Teamable works by taking the names of your contacts that you opt-in to provide on popular social networks and email address books. We crawl the web to connect the names of your contacts with publicly available data about their work and education history, skillsets, and location. This helps better match them to jobs at your company. 

We also provide social links such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Github for easier engagement. 

While we try to be as accurate as possible, and we have a team that regularly audits the data, sometimes we make mistakes in photos, social links, etc of your contacts. This is especially common within the first 24 hours of you uploading your contacts, before all our data and indexing processes have fully run. You might also see some duplicates during this time too.

If you see one of these mistakes, you can help us fix it by reporting it. To report an issue, simply hover over a candidate card and click on the bullhorn in the top right corner.

Figure One: Example of the bullhorn icon for reporting an error on a candidate card.

Choose the type of error or error(s) and click 'Send Error Report' to submit your report.

Figure Two: Reporting an error.
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