Teamable makes it easy for you to track the progress of all of your referrals.

Referral Submitted: shows all candidates who have been referred but who haven't been approved by the recruiter. This only applies to companies who turn OFF auto-approval for their referrals, meaning a recruiter has to "approve" referred candidates before they are pushed to the ATS.

Referral Approved: Referrals move to this bucket when they are approved, if auto-approval is turned on, or recruiter messages them directly. The referrals sit here until we pull any status from the ATS, or mark them as "Interested" in Teamable.

Referral Considered: Candidate moves to this phase when we mark them as "Interested" in Teamable or pull a new status from the ATS, for example: Recruiter Screen, Onsite Interview, HackerRank Test, etc.

Decision Made: Includes candidates who have been Rejected, Hired, Not Interested, or the job was Archived.
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