By default, all jobs in Teamable are publicly viewable; meaning, anyone with access to your Teamable instance will be able to see the job and make referrals.

Anyone with the recruiting view can change the visibility of any company-wide or recruiters only job.

Figure One: The three visibility settings on the Job page (accessible from Job Lists>Edit/Send)

Changing Visibility
To change that so only the recruiting team can see the job, simply click on Recruiters Only. Then save the job. If a job is set to Recruiters Only, it is only visible to anyone with access to the hiring leader view of your Teamable account.

Finally, you have the option of setting the visibility to Private. If you do that, you will be the only person who can see the job. This setting can be useful is you are preparing a new job and don't want it to be public yet, or if you are testing searches, or trying to do some sourcing in advance of public announcement, based on company's sensitive strategic objectives.

Teamable also respects the visibility setting if the job is coming from your ATS. So the job can be public in your ATS (required for it to automatically appear in Teamable), but marked private.

You also have the option of archiving public jobs in your Teamable instance. This can be useful if there are a number of public job which you don't currently want to see in Teamable.

Figure two: click on Archived to see the archived job list.

The icons also carry over to the open positions view so you can see the visibility of any job from the list without opening the job simply by looking at the icon.

A globe indicates the job is visible company-wide.
The people icon indicates the job is visible to recruiters only.
And the lock icon indicates the job is private.

_Figure three: icons on Jobs page display different job settings.
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