With @mention you can directly request follow-up or action on any prospective candidate from anyone at the company.

It's easy to pull in a colleague whenever specific follow-up action is requested in Teamable.

When adding notes to any candidate in Teamable, simply do the following:

Type @ and then start typing the employee's name and select it from the dropdown.
Type your note.
Click the save button.

For example, below, I'm going to send Pukar a follow-up citation to see if we can briefly meet in person so I can get more background information on a candidate he has referred to me:

Figure One: Click @ and name and choose employee's email from the dropdown.

Once the note is saved, Teamable sends an email to your colleague notifying him or her of your note citation:

Just click on the reply here link in the email to continue the conversation on the candidate card directly in Teamable.
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