Many hiring managers work closely with their recruiter to calibrate on a new open job. Calibration is easy to do in Teamable.

What is Calibration? It's something that's typically done during an intake meeting where the Recruiter or Sourcer meets with the Hiring Manager to understand the job requirements for a new opening.

But don't they already know the requirements if there is a job description? Yes and no. Job descriptions are often full of jargon and corporate boilerplate text and can be difficult not only for candidates to decipher but for hiring teams to understand as well. The intake meeting is an opportunity to understand what is critical for the hiring manager's point of view and what is nice to have. And of the critical items, which are most critical. When these meetings go well, there is an alignment and the Recruiter or Sourcer has a much easier task of identifying appropriate prospects for the Hiring Manager to review. This ensures that everyone is functioning well without wasting effort and that all of the potential candidates meet the same high bar.

Great. How can Teamable help? Teamable allows you to easily set up sample searches to see real first degree connections from your employees' shared networks. A warm intro from a current employee is the quickest path

Let's get started!

We recommend publishing a new job in your applicant tracking system. That way it will automatically appear in Teamable and any candidates that are identified will flow directly into your ATS once they're contacted by a teammate or pushed back to the recruiter to contact.

However, we're going to look at the steps for creating a job and search manually in order to get a sense for the matches in your network. 

Click 'Create Job' from the bottom of the Jobs page.

2. Add the job name, department, location (all required) and click '**Create**' to continue.

 Note: you can choose 'Recruiters Only' or 'Private' from the visibility settings if you wish to just see what results are available in the company network without allowing anyone at the company to suggest candidates.

3. From the Settings>Search Terms choose the Synonym or Boolean Search option more info on how searches work

4. Click 'Save' and then click 'Search' at the top to see suggested matches.
5. Click on 'Info' for the first match to see the prospect's work and education history and skill data.
6. Click out to any of the social profiles Teamable has discovered if you wish to vet the prospect further.
7. When you find someone you like, you can click on 'Notes' and do an @mention of the Recruiter or Sourcer to let them know the prospect is an ideal match. Also, let the Recruiter or Sourcer know whether these candidates should be contacted via employees who are first degree connections. more info on note citation or @mention
8. Repeat steps until you find three ideal candidates in the company's network.

Note: Since Teamable search matches are reflective of the candidate pool at large, they can lead to important discussions with Hiring Managers about resetting priorities in cases where the returned results are less than ideal.
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