There are two places to search in Teamable. The first determines the results that are shown to employees.


From any job, click on Matching to see and modify the terms that will affect what prospects are suggested for employees.

More restrictive search terms will provide narrower results, but the suggestions may miss qualified prospects who do not have all of their terms in their available data.

By default, we create a synonym search. You can modify job titles and skills in the Synonym Search Terms that you would like to search on.

You can also exclude terms.

You can also choose to do a boolean search instead if you wish by choosing the Boolean Search Terms radio button.

The advantage of doing a boolean search is that it offers more precision.

In the search above, for example, here is the boolean string:

("Market Development Representative" or MDR or "Sales Development Representative" or "Sales Development" or "Market Development" or BDR) and not(vp or principal or recruiter or mechanical or manager or director or cofounder or hr or chief or founder or recruiter or engineer or ceo)

This allows us to show only connections for each employee that exact match on one of the specified job titles while also hiding all of the prohibited titles (i.e. the terms in the not() parentheses).

Basic rules for creating powerful boolean searches:

Place quotes around groups of words you wish to treat as one search term, e.g. "Product Marketing".
Use OR or AND between terms to specify whether the search requires all terms to be matched or any of the terms, e.g. "Product Marketing" OR "Product Management"
Group terms in parentheses if you wish to create logical separators, e.g. ("Product Marketing" or "Product Management") AND ("Demand Generation" or "Demand Gen").

Note: If your boolean expression is malformed, Teamable will return an error message to let you know.

To fix, review or simplify your expression adhering to the basic rules above and hit the 'Save' button again.

Search Mode

By default, any search saved in the job settings will appear when you open a job and begin to search for prospects from the recruiter view.

If, under the matching tab, you have set up a Synonym search, you will see by default a Synonym Search. If you set up a boolean, you will see your boolean search.

You can modify the synonyms or boolean search string here or you can switch to a name search.

A name search is a great option if you wish to search for a specific referral candidate or employee within your company's Teamable network. This can be useful if you wish to see which positions the candidate has been referred for or any other activity or notes associated with a referral candidate. Just click on 'Name' and then type the person's full name in the box below and click 'Go!'.

You can also hit '**Reset Search**' at the top left bar to go back to the default search set up under matching. Otherwise, any changes you make will be remembered but only on your local computer.

Advanced Search Options

By default, all employees' connections are included in your search. However, you can restrict to one or more employees or even exclude certain employees from the search results if you wish. To do this, begin typing the name of the employee (first and last) and Teamable will suggest a match. Hit return to add or remove the employees' connections to your search. Repeat as needed.

Company filter
The Company filter provides an easy way for you to include or exclude specific companies or to search the top companies where your employees' connections currently work.

To include or exclude a company, click on 'Company filter' and then type the specific names of companies you wish to include or exclude. Hit return after each and Teamable will build a context cue.

You can also click on the Top Companies radio button. This will be the custom list of top companies where your employees have connections. Choose the specific number and modify the results (if you wish to remove any) by clicking the x next to any company you wish to remove.


You may wish to exclude a parent company or a partner company that you have a non-solicitation agreement with from your search results.
Or you may wish to include a company where you've learned recent news that would indicate that employees there are possibly updating their resumes and would likely be more receptive to being contacted about a new opportunity.

The Teamable diversity filter allows you to search by gender and ethnicity. To use both gender and ethnicity, select an ethnicity AND a gender. Teamable uses machine learning to identify ethnicity with image matching. While not foolproof, it works pretty well!

You can also choose multiple ethnicities if you wish. 

Years of experience is a way to exclude junior or senior candidates, although it is contingent on that candidate data being available and it isn't always available for all passive candidates with your employees' extended network. We recommend using with caution since the feature is in beta and you may miss some results.

Advanced Filters**
The last set of checkboxes allow you to do additional fine tuning of your search results.

Show current employees. Checking this box will include current employees in your search results. By default, they are hidden. 

Show past employees. This option can be useful if you wish to see referral candidates who previously worked at your company, who will be hidden by default.

Show candidates already in {ATS}. This option is useful if you wish to see prospects your recruiting team has reached out to previously via Teamable. Great as a benchmarking tool as well to see how strong your employees' network is for common or difficult-to-fill roles. By default, they are hidden. 

Top talent only. This will only show referral candidates that have been marked top talent by your employees. Marking top talent is an easy way for your employees to quickly identify referral candidates whom you ought to prioritize for job openings.

Note: Some or all of the advanced search filters may be hidden at an account level by your company's administrator. Read more

Troubleshooting search results**

Search results don't seem relevant. Add additional synonyms. Consider a boolean search (or additional boolean terms). Consider adding exclude filters.

Search results are C-level, managers, or too senior. Add exclude filters to remove the titles you don't wish to see in your search results, e.g. SVP, VP, Vice President, etc.

There are no search results. Try broadening your search by removing one term at a time to see which term is preventing you from getting search results.

There are too few results. Try inviting more employees to join your network. Try removing the specific location, especially if your company offers relocation for job candidates. Try changing from boolean to synonym.

There are too many results. Try fine tuning your search by narrowing the mile range, adding years of experience, or using any of the additional checkboxes under more filters. Try changing from synonym to boolean.
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