The following Advanced Search filters are displayed by default but any or all can be hidden for your account.

Include/Exclude employees
Company filter
Diversity filter
Advanced filters - Show current employees
Advanced filters - Show past employees
Advanced filters - Show candidates already in ATS
Advanced filters - Show snoozed prospects
Advanced filters - Show hidden prospects
Advanced filters - Top talent only

Note: for the Advanced filters listed above, they are all either on or off.

Below find a picture of a Teamable account configured with the default Advanced Search filters (showing all options):

Figure One: the default Advanced Search filters.

Now see an example of the Advanced Search filters where everything but the Include/Exclude employees option has been hidden:

Figure Two: an example of an Advanced Search with just the Include/Exclude employees option visible.

Please note: These options are only configurable account-wide so will impact everyone using Teamable as your company.

To make any changes to your advanced search filters, please contact Teamable Customer Success
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