A leaky funnel results in great prospects going to your competitors so it's important to periodically complete a pipeline referral review in order to make sure that everything is flowing smoothly. Teamable will help you identify the appropriate next actions for each stage of your funnel and it takes just a moment to understand each of the funnel stages.

On the jobs page, you can see a quick summary of the total number of prospects that have been sourced, are in progress, or engaged.

Figure One: Example of a job with 45 sourced candidates, 60 candidates in progress, and 1 candidate engaged.

First, let's start with some definitions:

Sourced. This means any prospects that have been added to the job list. A candidate is added whenever the '**Source**' button is clicked on the candidate card.

Progress. These are your prospective candidates in progress. You can see the specific stages (and the total for each stage) from the tracking tab for the specific job. It includes any prospects where an Intro has been requested, further action is required or an Intro has been made.

-Intro Requested. All prospects where a recruiter has sent a message to someone at the company asking for a warm introduction.
-Action Required. All prospects where a recruiter needs to take a follow-up action. These follow-up actions may include sending another request for warm introduction, messaging the prospect directly, or rejecting the prospect. For example, any prospects that haven't been dispositioned by an employee within 7 business days will automatically move from the 'Intro Requested' stage to the 'Action Required' stage so that the recruiter can ask someone else at the company for a warm intro or request the intro him or herself. In these cases, the card will indicate that status, e.g. 'employee name] didn't respond after 7 days, last requested [date
-Intro Made. All prospects where an employee has made a warm introduction.

Figure Two: Example of 71 candidates in progress, viewable from the Workflow tab for the specific job (Intro Requested(2), Action Required(37), and Intro Made(32).)_

Engaged. This is the total number of prospects that have been moved into the Interview Status stage. This occurs whenever you click on '**Interested**' from the '**Intro Made**' stage.
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