New in Teamable: As a recruiting or hiring manager, you can decide for each position whether to enable Referral Auto-Approval. By default, this option will be on for each job, which means that messages will be sent out to prospects as soon as an employee makes a referral, without requiring a recruiter to review the prospect. This is the recommended setting.

However, if you wish to uncheck the box, any referrals made for that position will be routed to the recruiter to review and approve before they're sent. This can be useful if you are experiencing issues with a lot of unqualified referrals.

Turning off Referral Auto-Approval

Go to Job>Settings>

And then uncheck the box at the bottom under Automation and click '**Save**'.

That's it! Repeat for each position where you would like to manually vet referred candidates.

Note: When this option is off, you will be notified about referrals via email. There are two ways to approve any referrals as a recruiter.

Directly in the email:

Teamable will send you an email when an employee make a referral. You can approve directly in the email by clicking the Approve button in the email.

In Teamable:

If you have multiple requests to respond to, you may find it easier to approve the referrals directly in Teamable.

For the specific job, go to Tracking>Action Required and click 'Approve' to send the message.

That's it! Happy Hunting.
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