Teamable sits on top of your ATS to help you build a healthy pipeline of strong referral candidates. Now that you've done the work of finding and engaging the best candidates in your networks via Teamable, leveraging your first degree connections to get introductions, you can use your Greenhouse workflow to close them.

How does a candidate become a prospect in Greenhouse?
The trigger for candidates being imported to Greenhouse from Teamable is when someone, either an employee or recruiter, messages a candidate via Teamable. Note that all messages sent via Teamable are sent from your company's email to a candidates' email.

This will look something like following:

Once the message gets sent, the candidate lives in the Prospects under the position the candidate got messaged about. To find the candidate:

Go to your job and select it

Select Candidates] and look at [Candidates + Prospects] and select source [“Referred on Teamable by employee_name”

Note that Teamable prospects are hot leads because both a recruiter and an employee have agreed they would be worth pursuing. So make sure you follow up. Teamable has provided you with their email and cc'd you on the message so close the loop.

Note that you can always see the Teamable specific activity on any job by logging into your Teamable account and going to the Tracking page for that job.

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