The best talent doesn't always update their public profiles, and many titles are different but mean the same thing. 

Teamable makes it easy to see matching candidates who are connected to your employees and then ask those connected whether they'd be a good match for your job opening. Getting the opinions of your employees who know your prospective candidates allows for real-world vetting and validation.

Three factors are weighted to deliver the most relevant results for any synonym search:

Current title, related titles and abbreviations
Skill matches and related skills
Number of connections to people in your company (excluding alumni and current employees)

There are filters as well to help you narrow down your search results:

Picking specific people's networks to focus on - highly recommended if you're looking for someone for a specific team
Companies - use the analytics that show which companies your employees are most connected and thus are most like yours
Excluding terms - very good for getting recruiters and managers out of your search
Location - start typing a location and choose from the dropdown
Years of experience (in beta)
And more

Tip: If you place quotes around the term you're looking for, we will treat that term as an atomic unit, instead of searching for any matches for each of the words.

For example, if you add the synonym "Market Development Representative" (with quotes), we will look for prospective candidates with that specific title.

If you search for the synonym Market Development Representative (without quotes) , we will look for any prospective candidates who match any of those words.
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